On 21st of September, 2020 Olayinka Aderinkola Akinrinola Foundation visited Oke Egan Community, situated under Olorunda Local Govt area, Badagry, Lagos.  

Prior to this visit, the coordinator Mr Samuel Gbohunmi Awosoga, and one of the foundation’s representatives in the person of Mr Bello Muhammed had visited the community. During this visit, they met with the community head and informed him about the plans Olayinka Aderinkola Akinrinola Foundation had for Oke Egan Community and the set date was anticipated.

Upon arrival, the team was warmly welcomed. They met with the baale in person of Chief Oluwatoyin Aborishade and some executives of the community. Olayinka Aderinkola Akinriola foundation had prepared packages for the aged people in numbers, and also little children were not left out. The team moved around the community distributing items for the aged people. Upon completion of that, the distribution for the little children was done in the premises of the community leader. They all received their packages with a lot of smiles on their faces.

At the completion of the exercise, the baale, the executives, and the entire community extended their gratitude to the founders of the foundation as well as the foundation’s team members.

Watch the video from the link below

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