OAA Foundation Donates to 2 Schools in Bariga

Olayinka Aderinkola Akinrinola Foundation set out on a visit to 2 Primary schools which are Abule ayo Primary School and Bariga Primary School situated at Bariga, Lagos on 18th February 2021 to spread the hands of love to the pupils of the schools through the donation of educational materials and equipping ten less privileged pupils with school uniforms in each school. Before the visit, the foundation had gone on a formal introduction to the schools, disclosed their intentions to the headteachers of each school and they anticipated the date.

As at the arrival of the team on the set date, they were warmly welcomed by the headteachers in the person of Mrs Adehoun Christiana Oluwemimo (Abule ayo Primary School) and Mrs Adeyemi O.O.(Bariga primary school) along with the staffs from the LGEA Somolu, Mrs Omodara Omolara Olubunmi (Chief Education Officer) and Mrs johnson Morayo (Assistant Chief Education officer).

The team came with well-packaged educational materials which included Exercise books, biros, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and rulers as well as the school uniforms for 10 less privileged in each school. The beneficiaries of the school uniforms were lined up at the headteachers’ office where their uniforms were presented to them by one of the Foundation’s representatives in the person of Mrs Titilola Awosoga. After that, the team moved from one class to another for the distribution of the educational materials for both schools respectively.
Upon the completion of the exercise, the pupils, teachers, headteachers as well as the staff from the LGEA somolu all showed appreciation and sent their regards to the founders of Olayinka Aderinkola Akinrinola Foundation.

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